Plants are better than Flowers

detail of SucculantI find that I like to photograph plants more than flowers.  The repetition of shapes, also know as Fractal Geometry is something I find very interesting.  As I have said before it’s one of the guiding principles of my ongoing projects.  I also find it harder to separate a flower photograph I like from the thousands of greeting card flower images we been subjected to throughout our lives.  Plants don’t suffer the same photographic indignities that the poor flowers have suffered through boring photography.  In fairness to both parties, looking at flowers in a non-traditional way can garner really cool images. But it takes some real thought.  So, maybe the challenge is worth a try for a game photographer.Detail of Caladuium leaf

Plants like caladium, with their broad, veiny leaves are one of my favorites to photograph. This plant has so many interesting color varieties and changes dramatically throughout is growing cycle.  To me it’s great fun to shoot them as they change and die.  It may sound a bit morbid but the visuals can be quite stunning.  The subtle coloration a change in transparency of leaves can really make for some interesting photos., color and black and white.detail of orange hosta leaf

I think that if I had to pick a very favorite plant to photograph if would be the Hosta.  Technically, I think the Hosta might actually be a flower because some varieties do produce a blossom.  But who cares, this plant looks good in so many conditions it’s hard to beat photo-wise.  I love to shoot these after rains, on sunny days, cloudy days etc.  There leaves look fantastic in color and black and white, throughout their lifecycle.  Being perennials you can shoot the same plant year after year.  I think this may be the prettiest plant to shoot at the end of it’s cycle.  The changes in color can be truly spectacular…triptych of three palnts


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