Heavy Metal Beauty

Metal Sculpture detailI find myself attracted to metal .  Brushed metal surfaces are something I find very special.  There’s something about the way that this surface naturally reflects light that always gets visually excited.  Maybe it’s my love for beautiful black and white photographs, because of the way this material renders tones so easily.  Maybe because it works so well in in both high overcast light and hard light.  Each very different but beautiful in the their own way.  Metal seems to always draw me in close.  I find myself cropping in to make shapes out of larger shapes.Metal Citibike Dock Detail

Metal is used in so many interesting objects.  Metal surfaces can look sensual and soothing even when supporting massive weight.  I find the mono-chromatic, smooth versions  of metal amazingly sexual in flatter light, skin-like.  In fact, there are many similarities in how nudes and smooth metal surfaces render in black and white.  I find the reactions of viewers of metal photos often are sexual in nature.  When an image that could be perceived as sexual is presented, I’m  always interested as to whether the viewer goes there or not.  My theory is that everyone does but not all express it out loud.Metal Tank on a Truck DetailAnother beautiful thing about metal is rust.   Oxidation of different metals produces both color and texture of amazing variety.  This presents the opportunity to make wide abstract images on large surfaces that can look almost macro.  Equal examples of beautiful oxidation can be found on everything from pipes to fence posts. A wonderful thing when you ‘re in the mood to look for small photographs.  New York City and Brooklyn in particular, present endless juxtaposing uses of new and old metal.  Shine and rust exist everywhere you look.  A constant reminder of the never ending rebirth of neighborhoods and the city as a whole.  Never ending inspiration as well…Metal Triptych


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