Broader field of Vision, Wider field of Fire


vision of gowanus canalRecently I had a perfect winter day for shooting.  Warm weather, little cloud cover, time of day, everything seemed perfect to walk and shoot.  I grab my camera, head towards a part of my neighborhood I’ve been wanting to photograph and nothing.  I just wasn’t seeing it.  Call it lack of inspiration maybe, it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Then it came to me that I was trying too hard.  Looking too closely and being too critical.  So I applied the old military strategy.  Broader field of vision, wider field of fire.  This applies to covering/protecting a position, the farther you are away, the more you old tunnel cieling

Don’t take this literally, I simply soften my vision of what’a happening around me.  I begin look for the light, follow it to a possible scene. Then consider what whether it makes a photo, or not.  As matter of habit, I try to walk in different directions in areas I’m familiar with.  I try to keep mental notes on places that didn’t work in the summer but may work in the winter, etc.  These are not formally written down, but as I broaden my vision, my minds eye recalls these experiences . Clearly not an easy experience to describe but the result is that I forget those things that were causing the “photographer’s block”.  vision pink concrete stairs

What I  begin to see are similar shapes and colors.  I try to shoot something, anything just to get the visual juices flowing.  On this  day it was a simple reflection on a wall.  From there other reflections and shadows became clear and I was off and running.  I was surprised by the number a quality of photos I made once the wider field of fire was established.  Not all were “keepers” but better than returning with nothing but some exercise…vision triptych light red texture



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